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Front End Developer

White Plains, New York

PDS is looking for talented and experienced front-end Web Developers to join our team and help us build high-quality, cutting-edge web sites and mobile applications. At, PDS  we're looking to expand on our success within the Internet industry.

Duties and Responsibilities

Create HTML templates, modules and interactive elements for use with an ASP.NET integration leading to a working beta site while work in a time-challenged situation that meets the tough demands of users and technology.

Work with Project Managers and/or the Technical Lead to manage time estimates and completion accuracy of assigned project tasks

Create compelling solutions and functionality that inspire users and meet business goals

Stay current on developing technologies and properly utilize them in your work

Take pride in writing reusable, readable and pragmatic code

A clear understanding of user-centered design and the process involved

Write and maintain code according to PDS’s standards of quality

Candidate Requirements

Qualifications (Degree or Masters) and/or equivalent experience in one or more of the following:

Computer Science

Interactive Media Design

Web Design & DevelopmentStrong grasp of modern web standards: HTML5, CSS3, etc

Strong grasp of modern web standards: HTML5, CSS3, etc

Strong JavaScript and jQuery knowledge and experience

Solid understanding of progressive enhancement, responsive design, accessibility and best UX/UI practices

Must be self-driven to stay up-to-date on the trends and techniques in a changing industry

Ability to work within a team environment where design and production are a collaborative effort

Desirable Skills

Experience in E-Commerce, B2B, and Municipality and School District site development

Knowledge of one or more of the following

Competence in Adobe Photoshop

Experience in ASP.NET programming language

Ability and commitment to training, mentoring and working with other designers and developers

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with team members and clients

Excellent time management skills

Ability and willingness to learn new technologies

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