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AFRICA-Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa

We're looking for talented developers to join our team and help us build high-quality, cutting- edge web sites and mobile applications. At PDS we're looking to expand on our success within the Internet industry.

We currently have openings in the following field offices:


Here are just some of the reasons why developers enjoy working at our company:

* Our primary focus is software development and technology. As a developer, you won't be looked at as a "necessary evil" which unfortunately is how IT is looked at in many organizations.

* We actually look for creative individuals who are not afraid to make constructive recommendations.

* We have many experienced developers on our staff that you will undoubtedly learn from as you work together with them to build exciting new applications.

* We have hundreds of active projects and are launching a new web site nearly every day. Developers here enjoy seeing their projects get launched to the public and seeing how their work leads to our customers' success.

* In addition to working on customer projects, developers also have the opportunity to contribute to our ITLD1 platform which we have developed in- house. This includes a content management system (CMS), ecommerce platform, search application, and broadcast email application (with more on the way).

* By working on such high-profile applications, it gives our developers the opportunity to stretch their horizons and learn about things like database partitioning; caching; web farms; working with huge volumes of data; workflow; specialized ecommerce techniques; payment gateways; integration with various external software like ERP systems; AJAX; JSON; advanced programming models based on design patterns; plug-in architecture, etc.

* Our developers enjoy working on the latest versions of development software on fast workstations with dual flat-screen monitors.

* We cover test fees for developers to take certification tests offered by Microsoft and other vendors.

Our portfolio includes interesting projects such as:

What we're looking for in a developer:

* Preferably a bachelor's degree in computer science

* Experience in programming web sites and/or mobile applications. We program in Microsoft ASP.NET/SQL Server, PHP/MySQL and Java. We work with various CMS systems such as Idev, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Kentico, and WordPress and ecommerce platforms such as Idev, Magento and Hybris

* Someone with a passion for programming and technology and who is always looking to learn more and improve

In addition to the list above, PDS offers a generous compensation and benefits package, 401K, and more.

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