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What are Assessment, Planning & Deployment Services? In recent years, many IT departments have had their budgets cut while being expected both to maintain existing functionality and to meet the growing technology needs of their organizations. As organizational priorities evolve, internal IT departments often do not have the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to provide a complete solution to their organization. And, while many consultants can provide strong solutions and excellent service, all too often the engagement is "project" related and expensive.

PDS Business Technology's Assessment, Planning & Deployment Services can help address your business needs and fill the gaps left by traditional consultants or limited internal IT resources. Our team of experts offers a variety of assessment services designed to gather specific information about your business environment. These assessments can then be utilized to create a functional roadmap covering architecture, business case, process, and growth strategy. Our teams of experts can help you assess and deliver solutions for:

Borderless Networks. WE CONNECT.


Secure Mobility,

Data Centers

Cloud Services,

Microsoft Software

In the assessment phase, an internally developed survey questionnaire helps to solicit input from both employees and consultants. Questions are designed to capture both subjective and objective data about the current state of your organization's IT environment. We'll evaluate departmental functions, communications strategies, equipment and software standards, and contractor involvement. Following the interview process, the information collected during the survey is evaluated and summarized by functional area to accurately depict your organization's current state and to identify potential service necessary for your company. And once the assessment is complete and the deliverables have been provided, our PDS business technology team will be ready to execute an integrated plan that will assist your organization in moving to higher levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The solutions team can also work with you to determine training requirements and provide a documented educational path that will ensure you are prepared to take over day-to-day operations. For your next company Software Applications Development and Systems Upgrade, contact us today. E-mail support@pdsitl.com

What is the benefit to my company?

PDS BUSINESS Technology's Assessment, Planning & Deployment Services can improve the overall efficiency of your company's infrastructure through quick problem identification, simplified deployment and configuration, and the rapid implementation of new technologies. We'll help your business to optimize operations and improve efficiencies.

We're with you every step of the way and we can combine any or all of our industry-leading services into a custom support solution that we tie together with superior consulting. We've made it our mission to bring you the widest range of services so you can focus on your core business.

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