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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

Strategic thinking, particularly for online initiatives, is vital to the success of any business or organization and PDS team of  consultants understand the need for a well devised strategy in order to garner well earned results.  Our first and primary step is to clearly understand the overall goals of your business or organization.  Are you a government agency looking to better coordinate citizen outreach? Or are you a business looking to expand your reach? Or perhaps an association seeking to impact policy makers in Timbucktu? Whatever your position, PDS looks to first identify your goals and needs and then determine the optimal approach to achieve those goals through your online efforts. 

Many customers hire PDS team to build that overall Internet strategy prior to any development contract whatsoever.  This is an excellent approach! By completing this initial strategy, we can collectively determine key elements such as

Executive vision for the website and how it fits with the overall business / organization

Information architecture design

External / internal user analysis

Internal website management capabilities and resources

Anticipated revenue streams

Usability requirements

Technical integration research and requirements

Communication / outreach plan

Security analysis

These efforts culminate into a detailed strategy that serves as the blueprint for a successful long-term website development project.



What is Game Theory? We help you take risk you can afford!

Game theory is the branch of applied mathematics and economics that studies strategic situations where there are several stakeholders, each with different goals, whose actions can affect one another. For example a decision to “buy” a product or “not to buy” can be accomplished by applying a game theory analysis, which in turn may guide the corporate executives in making a better decision.

Since 1994, there have been four Nobel prizes awarded for work in the field of game theory.  There are many different branches of game theory but PDS Corp specializes in the field known as asymmetric, prescriptive-descriptive game theory, based on the academic work of Dr. Niall Fraser.  This branch of game theory is ideally suited to the kind of complex multilateral challenges that businesses face today and in the future.

Millions of Outcomes Analyzed

After PDS has guided the client’s team to assemble their best knowledge of the situation in a clear structured format, PDS employs its powerful game theory tools to analyze the issue and to develop insights and strategies that allow the client to achieve its best attainable outcome.

The game theory analysis does not view competitors as static lists of strengths and weaknesses. Instead, the analysis provides accurate predictions of player behavior and players' reactions to the client’s initiatives.

PDS’s’ proprietary game theory software and analytic tools can evaluate many potential strategies and potential counter-strategies, and explore millions of ways the issue could play out.  This process reveals the most likely outcome of the strategic issue, possible danger outcomes that could be caused by a strategic misstep, and a path to a client’s best attainable outcome. Important tactical indicators are also developed, including often counter-intuitive insights about the dynamics among players. 

Capable of Handling Radically Different Perspectives

PDS tools can also explicitly deal with the seemingly “irrational”.  The models are built to reflect the diverse outlooks and priorities of different players, including the personalities and emotional responses of individuals. Therefore, not only can this process handle issues in which clients face other organizations with similar outlooks, but is also ideally suited for issues involving foreign jurisdictions, new market entrants, firms from other industries and other organizations with radically different priorities.


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