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Tired of “canned” solutions? Don’t change your business to fit into your software. Demand that your website applications be custom built for YOUR needs!

PDS offers an incredible platform – the PDSD1 Platform – that accomplishes some pretty incredible things right out of the box. 

Demand more!

The most successful websites on the Internet are all custom built, and this is where PDS excels.   We believe in wrapping our website and online applications around your business or organization – not the other way around.  Our custom services include:

Custom graphic design <> Custom integration with your backend system <> Customized marketing approaches for your online communications goals <> Custom apps <> Custom mobile sites <>Custom database design <> And even customized hosting solutions.

The bottom line is: we want to ensure that our solutions work for your company and address your needs!



PDSs’ software can:

Play the multi-player “chess game” forward: Our tools can look through hundreds of millions of possible outcomes and accurately predict where the issue is headed, highlight possible danger outcomes and define a realistic path forward to our client’s best attainable outcome.

Reveal tactical insights: Using our software and the inputs provided by the group, we can determine which players have the most power, who is aggressive, who is easy to influence, if there are any hidden allies or hidden opponents and how this impacts our client’s strategy.

Uncover credible threats and promises: For our clients to influence the situation, they need to understand how they can effectively change the behavior of other players. Our software and process reveal which of their actions are the most powerful and effective levers of influence and which reactions they can anticipate from other players.

Of course, even the most powerful software is useless if its findings cannot be communicated and understood. Consequently, PDS Team spends considerable effort to clearly link findings and recommendations back to the inputs provided by the executive group. By explicitly laying out the linkages, our clients gain confidence in the solution and are united on the best path forward.


Contact us today! email support@pdsitl.com


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