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Solutions  Specialized Solutions Different strokes for different folks.

Different organizations have different needs. PDS  partners with agencies to help bring their creative to life with our technology and development expertise. We partner with small and medium businesses (SMB), supplementing their internal Web and marketing staff. And we work closely with startups during the most crucial phase of their existence.

Our specialized services include:

Agency Partnership: PDS has been developing websites in cooperation with advertising agencies for years. We help our agency partners offer full interactive and technology services by using our expertise in web design and development, application development, Flash animation, and user interface design.

Small Business Support-SBM: PDS helps small to medium size businesses (SMB) by becoming an extension of their marketing team, offering services that refine the partner's interactive user experience. PDS also offers full creative for offline marketing such as trade shows, ads, collateral, and so on.

Startup Launch Support: PDS has helped several start-up technology companies introduce their fresh ideas to the market. We can help create the identity, define the Web audience, create online marketing campaigns, and build a targeted and engaging user experience.


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